Our Doctors


In UNI KLINIK, you will come across an excellent plastic surgeon – Maciej Charazinski M.D. Due to a great experience in plastic surgeries, You will find yourselves in the hands of people who know what to do to make it even more beautiful.

Moreover, you will find Joanna Pabich - Worozbit M.D. at UNI KLINIK – an exquisite gynecologist and obstetrician for many years specializing, among other things, in cosmetogynecological procedures.

Maciej Charazinski M.D. – a plastic surgeon, perfectionist and an esthete, an experienced consultant and surgeon. He is also known for excellent results of joint procedures involving plastic surgery and techniques from the scope of esthetic medicine. For many years he was an operator and consultant at the Plastic Surgery Clinic of dr. A. Sankowski.

Joanna Pabich - Worozbit M.D. – a gynecologist and obstetrician. For many years she has been also known and valued as an excellent cosmetogynecologist. Her specialty combined with great experience as well as pleasant apparition makes the UNI KLINIK offer in the field of plastic surgery of intimate areas exceptionally interesting.

Marcin Nowak M.D.plastic surgeon, a distinguished hand surgery specialist.

Great skills and many years of experience possessed by doctors Maciej Charazinski, Joanna Pabich – Worozbit and Marcin Nowak are the guarantee that you came across outstanding plastic surgery and cosmetogynecology specialists.