Lip augmentation



Lip Augmentation is a process where the lips are enhanced by means of fillers or implants. Here’s a look at the surgery procedures that are currently most popular.

Lip Lift

It is a method of removing a strip of skin just close to the border of the upper lip. The shape is carefully selected to obtain the desired outline and breadth of the mouth. The suture line runs on the border of the vermilion and surrounding skin. Thus the scar is almost invisible and easy to hide with a make-up.

This procedure is very helpful for patients with very thin lips who have very little of their lip showing, but it will not create fuller lips or reduce fine wrinkles around the mouth. It can be performed on the upper, lower or both lips.

Lip Implants

The cosmetic surgeon first makes an incision on your lips at the corners of the mouth. A thin tunnel is then created, to help accommodate the implant (Gore Tex). This lip augmentation will enhance the volume and fullness of the lips giving a more attractive contour, also reduces fine wrinkles which may be around the mouth.

It gives long lasting results. If necessary, the implant can be removed and the previous shape of the lips can be restored.

Fat Transfer

The surgeon makes small incisions on the corners of your mouth and through those incisions the fat tissue is inserted. This method gives very good results and the risk of complications is very low. The fat transfer not only enhances the volume but also stretches out fine lines or wrinkles and lifts the corners of the mouth.

Lip Augmentation is extremely popular in the world of film and fashion. To reduce swelling you should put on the lips the ice packs both before and after the surgery.