Chin lift



A Chin Lift serves for the treatment of wrinkled and sagging skin at the height of the chin. Usually the appearance of a drooping chin is associated with aging and therefore it is the best to perform an overall face lift that includes addressing the chin and neck. But not everyone chooses to undergo such an extensive operation.

The chin lift can be a procedure that is executed separately. In this case the surgeon removes only the excess of loose and sagging skin from the chin area. The procedure of chin lift is performed by making an incision in the shape of a broken line; (zig-zag). Next the excess skin and fat (using liposuction) is removed and the wound edges are sutured. The zig-zag cutting results in a thin, less noticeable scar.

There is some swelling and often bruising involved with a chin lift, but the swelling normally subsides within a few days, and the bruising often will fade shortly thereafter.