Cheek augmentation



Cheek Augmentation is a procedure used to enhance the size of the cheekbones. This surgery can enhance facial contours and brings balance to the facial features. It may be performed separately or in conjunction with other procedures to make your face more harmonious and improve your profile, such as Rhinoplasty.

In cheek augmentation we use own fat tissue from elsewhere on your body or dense Hyaluronic Acid such as Sub Q, Volume, Fortelis. This procedure is recommend to patients that want a minor augmentation of their cheekbones or want to have more ‘fleshy’ cheeks.

The first step in the cheek augmentation procedure, as with any plastic surgery procedure, is a detailed consultation with your surgeon, who will guide you in your pre- and post-operative planning and give you details about the surgery.

Patients may sometimes experience some discomfort afterwards and mild numbness for a day or so following the procedure. Swelling and bruising is to be expected, but will change from patient to patient. Pain can be eased by popular pain medication.

This surgery does not require hospitalization (but you may choose to stay), the anesthesia is local and it takes about 20-40 minutes (depending on which filler is used).