Breast enlargement



Breast Enlargement (Augmentation Mammoplasty), is a surgical procedure to enhance the size and shape of a woman's breast by using various implants to create the fullness of natural looking breasts. The size and type of implant must be the most suitable combination of the wishes of the patient and her body structure, so that the result is harmonious and natural.

In our clinics, we use different types of implants. Some implants give the breast a more rounded appearance, while others create a breast shaped like a teardrop. The implants may be inserted using three different techniques - the incision can be made under the arm (in the armpit), under the nipple (under the lower outline of the areole - dark area around the nipples) or under the breast (at the fold where the breast meets the chest). Your Doctor should advice you on the places that incisions can be made for the implants, according to your body and the kind of implant chosen. The breast implant can be placed either partially underneath the muscles in the chest (submuscular) or underneath the breast tissue (subglandular), depending on the thickness of your breast tissue and its ability to adequately cover the breast implant.

The length of the breast augmentation procedure is about from 1 to 2 hours. Usually general anesthesia is used, which puts the patient to sleep. The breast enhancement procedure requires an overnight stay in the cosmetic surgery clinic. A drain is removed within 24 hours. After 7 days the stitches are removed. According to your surgeon’s instructions, a special bra is to be worn 24 hours a day for up to 3 months after the operation to help your breasts form and maintain a pleasing, balanced shape.


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When you choose a Mentor breast implant our relationship with you does not end with your surgery. We make a long-term commitment to our patients and we stand behind the integrity of our products. All Mentor silicone gel-filled breast implants come with a Lifetime Product Replacement Policy at no additional charge, plus you are automatically enrolled in to Mentor PatientSafe Coverage.