Dear Clients,



We are proud to introduce to you the most exclusive plastic surgery clinic in Poland UNI KLINIK. We are located in a charming area of Warsaw, ideal for leisure, rest and recuperation.

This region is famous for its clean air, pine forests, lakes and wildlife.  The surgery itself is located in a beautiful historic old villa, placed in a large private park amongst ancient trees, manicured lawns and colorful flowers. The surrounding wall ensures privacy for our patients and offers a refreshing chance to unwind.

UNI CLINIC combines experienced surgeons with state of the art equipment and the result is immaculate clinical outcomes.  Visitors to our clinic are treated with dignity and respect and receive specialized care in large, private rooms (with TV and Wi-Fi). All of our nurses speak excellent English and are only focused on making our clients visit as comfortable as possible. 

Our doctors are amongst the best in Poland. They are led by Dr Maciej Charazinski.




Besides the best possible medical care, we pride ourselves on providing a fabulous after care package which will exceed the expectations of even the most discerning guest.  We provide a physiotherapist and masseuse to aide the healing process and to ensure our clients are comfortable after their procedures.


Why us?

Our experience shows that promoting a really good product using an excess of words usually evokes an opposite effect to the intended one. Below, we present in brief the main reasons for contacting us.


Uni Klinik – Plastic Surgery presents:

  • Maciej Charazinski M.D. – a plastic surgeon with great experience, who performs several hundred plastic surgeries per year;
  • Joanna Pabich – Worozbit M.D. – an excellent gynecologist, obstetrician, specializing in cosmetogynecology for many years;
  • Marcin Nowak M.D. – plastic surgeon, an outstanding hand surgery specialist;
  • A well-equipped, cozy and classy plastic surgery clinic that will help You make Your dreams come true;
  • Guarantee of discretion and tranquility – a residence from a pre-war era is surrounded by a majestic wall, providing a sense of safety and luxury;
  • A unique location of the clinic, which is surrounded by greenery and old trees, with beautiful landscape design and water biotope;
  • A possibility of staying with an accompanying person, which will make the stay even more pleasant;
  • Experienced, cheerful and always helpful staff that treats the patient as a treasure, not an obligation;

If You are interested in plastic surgery and the above information gave You a positive impression of Uni Klinik, then we suggest that You do not waste any more time and get in touch with us through a contact form or, even better, call us at 22 872 07 25. We will try to rise to Your expectations and answer all of Your questions to our best ability. If You send us Your pictures, You should quickly receive a preliminary analysis performed by a plastic surgeon. Subsequently, we will set You an appointment with one of our specialists, during which You will receive full information on the procedure, rehabilitation, expected results, etc.

If You are still not convinced to contact us, then please read the latter part of this text. You will learn why our plastic surgery clinic deserves visiting. We will convince You that performing rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, abdominoplasty or other surgeries at the Uni Klinik – Plastic Surgery is the best choice.   


A place created for plastic surgery

Our incredible location is one of many things distinguishing us among other plastic surgery clinics. It is an enclave of peace and green, despite being located in Warsaw. Even though it is far from the city center, it is only 15 minutes away by car. Despite cool, white marble stones, the interior is warm and tasteful. Everyone will find peace and sense of safety here. It is classical with antique elements reflecting our respect for beautiful things on one hand and modern, pragmatic desire to ensure patient convenience and comfort on the other. In short, Uni Klinik is “almost” as elsewhere and You know that “almost” makes a large difference.

Another factor differentiating us, in our opinion, from the competition is a realistic and personal implementation of actions to fulfill our philosophy of conducting business such as a plastic surgery clinic. We want the Uni Klinik – Plastic Surgery patient to be satisfied not only with the outcome of the surgery (which is most important in this line of work, of course), but also with the unique level of care. We realize this goal by paying great attention to convincing our patients that they are the most important at Uni Klinik. We are aware that such claim exposes us to accusations of populism, use of slogans or excessive arrogance, but it ensues from our experience that in many plastic surgery clinics overall patient service is unsatisfactory. It is probably a result of radical underrating of the role of conditions, in which patient resides in relation to the outcome of the procedure.  In Uni Klinik – Plastic Surgery, we do everything to satisfy both of these elements. This is why our staff presents the highest standards of professionalism as well as friendly and kind attitude toward a patient.

Finally, in order to complement and verify this text, we would like to invite You to our picture gallery. You will acquaint Yourselves with our plastic surgery clinic and the results of our plastic surgeons’ work. We believe that it will convince You to contact us.



Considering a very important issue of pricing, we also invite you to visit a website containing the prices of our services and find the price-to-quality ratio at the Uni Klinik – Plastic Surgery very attractive.